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Hunar Haat

India has a wide range of master Artisans & Craftsmen and have a legacy of spectacular art. “Hunar Haat” is playing an important role in national and international branding of this heritage.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs has taken the initiative to provide a huge platform through Hunar Haat to the artisans/craftsmen of India to showcase their expertise and explore the opportunities of employment under "Upgrading the Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts for Development (USTAAD)".

Over a period of time, Hunar Haat has proved to be a credible brand of Indigenous Talent of Indian artisans and craftsmen. Hunar Haat has ensured “Development with Dignity” of artisans and craftsmen of the country.

It is a great effort at projecting the talent of Indian artisans towards “Local to Global”. It is well known fact that branding/promotion of art of Master Artisans of the country is very important and programmes such as “Hunar Haat” are playing an important role in this direction and it will benefit lakh of people associated with this sector.

35 editions of Hunar Haat has been organized across the country which has proved to be “Empowerment & Employment Exchange” and has provided the employment opportunities to over 10 lakh Craftsmen/Artisans and Culinary Experts.

hunar haat
hunar haat

What’s new?

For the first time in the history of Hunar Haat, virtual online shopping has been initiated. Here people from across the country & world can visit the Haat virtually and enjoy the new virtual shopping experience.

Virtual Tour
hunar haat